Last January 11, Thursday I witnessed a most memorable moment that should be treasured by sons and daughters.It was a mother’s moment.

For a daughter like me, the moment  I took a sight of earth’s wonder which is the moment I was born we immediately become the most precious and beloved thing in the world. Again, it is a mother’s moment. It is a mother who provides every little thing we need. Working 24/7, with nothing to expect from her children, she will be our provider and guide as we wean ourselves into adults and be parents ourselves.

On that Thursday afternoon, I together with Mayor Ragragio, a representative from the regional office of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Ms. Marisse Paeste and Ms. Necie B. Mercadero, our Municipal Social Welfare Officer visited the only living centenarian in our town of Magallanes. She is Mrs. Pasencia Mortega, 101 years old having born on March 18, 1917 and we came to witness the turn-over of the DSWD’s cash award to verified centenarians as mandated by Republic Act 10868.

Somehow, the feeling of observing Lola Pinsay, as she called in brgy. Caditaan, in her advanced age becomes very remarkable-and unforgettable. It gives us the feeling that God somehow has a purpose for each and everyone of us. Lola Pinsay is hale and healthy although is hard of hearing and can no longer sustain a conversation. One would imagine that the life she lived was one of sacrifice and tribulation, what with——children to care for while her husband works full time as a farmer.

Lola Pinsay deserves every minute of love and attention from her family and community. It is also a comfort that government recognizes her presence.