1. Community Tax Certificate
  2. Barangay Clearance
  3. Court Clearance
  4. Police Clearance
  5. Mayor’s Clearance
  6. Sanitary Permit
  7. MENRO Certificate
  8. Fire Safety Inspection Certificate
  9. BIR Certificate


Additional Requirements from the Concerned National Government Agencies:

  1. Pawnshop – Central Bank Certificate of Registration
  2. Drugstore – BFAD
  3. Rice Retailer – NFA
  4. Water Refilling Station – Health Department (Result of Water Test)
  5. Learning Institution – Permit to Operate from DepEd or CHED

It is an activity aiming to provide business establishments in the area to secure business permits or to renew their business permits for one day for the reason that all concerned offices, such as Bureau of Fire Protection, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Sanitation Inspector, Billing/Assessment Clerk and Payment Officer, etc and officers or signatories to all documents needed in their transactions are present in one place. It limits their time in transacting with the government thereby facilitating their renewal or application for business licenses.