Caditaan, according to old folks, derived its name from a certain mangrove called “ditta” which grew abundantly in the place. Its Barangay status was granted during the term of President Ferdinance E. Marcos, by virtue of Presidential Decree Nos. 86-86 A and 557 under the Barangay Law creating all barrio into barangays.

Barangay Caditaan is the 3rd largest among 34 barangays of Magallanes in terms of land area and largest in terms of population. It is situated 3.5 kilometers south of Magallanes Poblacion, bounded on the north by Aguada Norte, on the north east by Bacalon, on the south by Salvacion and Siuton, on the east by Tula-Tula Norte and on the west by the mouth of the Sorsogon Bay and Burias Pass.

It has a total land area of 6,041.168 hectares with four main Sitios – Telegrapo, Binalyuhan, Suwa and Pang-Pang and five Puroks namely Mangga, Avocado, Sampalok, Lukban and Langka.

Caditaan covers upland and mountainous cliff on the east and coastal area on the west, thus making the place very much accessible by all means of transportation while the barangay site has a plain landscape. Fifty percent (50%) of its total land area is coastal, 25% is mountainous, 2% is silky, and the remaining 23% is mainly inhabited by the residents.

Most of the residents are dependent on farming which includes production of Palay, and Copra while others are engaged in fishing. There are also some who are engage in small business and entrepreneurship including fish culture. Those who finished college and are degree holders are working in government and private offices. Other works in Metro Manila and some are outside the country.

This barangay has a total population of 3,582 composed of 1,957 males and 1,866 females. It has an elementary school and complete secondary school which addressed the basic educational needs among young population. A day care center is also fully operational maintained by Barangay Local Government Unit.


Punong Barangay: CANALES, Jimmy Madarazo
SB Member: LATOSA, Allan Buelo
  MORTEGA, Joselito Iglesia
  GIME, Nenia Malle
  GENTOLIZO, Mellie Malle
  BON, Edilberto Hunat
  Malto, Rolando Dichoso
  CANALES, Zacarias Oseo
Brgy. Secretary: HONRUBIA, Jeriza Hagos
Brgy. Treasurer: MORTEGA, Nathan David Gernale
SK Chairman: GUARDA, Edrian M.