Feast of Patron Our Lady of the Holy Rosary:

17th Day of October


In 1912 Family Habla donated a parcel of land with an area of 10,000 square meters to be used as barangay site. There were only ten (10) families residing in the place, all came from Casiguran, Sorsogon. According to some old folks, when the Japanese came in the place, they threw a bomb to Malasimbo Island to serve as an opening going to barangay Cagtalaba. During that time Atanacio Haquihaca was the Teniente del Barrio. In 1975, Isias Hombre became the Teniente del Barrio and Alfredo Hael was the Segundo Teniente. At that time, said officials did not receive any compensation or honorarium.


In 1977, Querico Olimpo was the Teniente del Barrio and after a while, Teniente del Barrio was changed into Barangay Captain. It was during his administration where Cagtalaba Elementary School was built and constructed with only two rooms and two assigned teachers. In 1984, Celestino Labudlay was elected Barangay Captain and during his time, the water tank of the barangay was constructed. The population of the barangay increased. Beltran Hael followed Labudlay as Barangay Captain and later succeeded by Idelberto Rosas.


In 1991, Jose Esperida Sr.  was elected as Barangay Captain. During his term, the Barangay Officials received honorarium as their monthly compensation since the government are giving IRA to the barangays. Many projects were constructed including access to electricity provided by Sorsogon Electric Cooperative II (SORECO II).


At present, the barangay is still headed by Punong Barangay Jose E. Esperida Sr. together with his colleagues in the Barangay Local Government Unit. The Day Care Center, Health Center and other projects are being maintained to provide for the needs of the people in the community.



“Barangay Cagtalaba is a progressive community with healthy and well-informed residents, God-fearing people are involved in all programs and activities of the barangay with maintained ecological environment, good leaders in the barangay governance with transparency to attain peace and prosperity in the barangay.”



Act as the role model and front-liner in the implementation of peace and order to progress and prosperity of the community

  • Act as prime mover in the implementation of barangay laws and ordinances
  • Deliver a comprehensive system of services to the people of the community; and
  • Effective mobilization of barangay resources
Barangay Cagtalaba is one of the coastal rural barangay in the municipality of Magallanes, province of Sorsogon. It is bounded on the north by Sorsogon Bay, on the south by Barangay Incarizan, by Barangay Tagas on the east and Barangay Cagbolo on the west. It has a total land area of 348.8371 hectares divided into seven (7) puroks.


It has a total population of 514 individuals composed of 278 males and 236 females and a total household of 109 with an average household size of 5 individuals based on Rapid Community Based Monitoring System Census of 2014.


Barangay Cagtalaba has 9 children under 1 year old and 44 children 0-5 years old. Children 6-12 years old is composed of 92, these are the children in elementary years while there are only 57 members 13-16 years old in high school years. There are 134 members of the labor force who are employed.

The Barangay Health Center of Cagtalaba is the primary health care provider in the barangay administered by the Barangay Health Worker and assisted by Midwife from the Municipal Health Office. There is also a Barangay Nutrition Scholar who organizes nutrition-related programs, projects and activities in the barangay. Based on the result of the validation, there are 11 malnourished children in the barangay and there were no records of children under 5 years old who died and women who died due to pregnancy related causes.
Barangay Cagtalaba has a Day Care Center which accommodates children ages 3-5 and an elementary school from Grade 1 to Grade 6; Cagbolo High School is also present which started operating in year _____.


The barangay is accessible through motorized or non-motorized boats but regular trips going to and from the barangay is not yet established. There are no credit institutions in the barangay however it is only 1 hour away from the Central Business District of the municipality of Magallanes where lending institutions are present.

The barangay’s source of water came from its own water source wherein 98 households have access while the remaining 11 households are accessing water from dug well, deep well and spring.


Electricity in the barangay is accessed only by 84 households through the Sorsogon  Electric Cooperative I (SORECO I), the local electric cooperative servicing the southern part of Sorsogon province. However, at present, the barangay had availed of the program for indigent household electrification which will be implemented this year, 2015.


Eighty five percent of the households in the barangay are burning their garbage or waste (93), 34% are into composting and 25% and 15% are throwing garbage in an open pit and into bodies of water such as river, respectively. Some households are practicing waste segregation (18) while some are throwing in a closed pit (13). There are also a 12 households who are practicing waste recycling in the barangay.


Barangay Cagtalaba is generally a peace manageable community with no recorded household victimized by crime. There are 11 Barangay Tanods that conducts regular patrolling to ensure peace and safety in the barangay.


The expansion of Barangay site is Lot 3365 owned by Balderama with an area of 1.03 hectares. The lots near the shore are restricted to residential structures.

Barangay Cagtalaba has a total population of 514 and a total household of 109 with an average household size of 5 individuals based on Rapid Community Based Monitoring System Census of 2014. Among puroks, the most populated is Purok 1 with 95 individuals and the least populated is Purok 7 with 52 individuals.
Based on the figure below, the barangay has 9 children under 1 year old and 44 children 0-5 years old. Children 6-12 years old is composed of 92, these are the children in elementary years while there are only 57 members 13-16 years old in high school years. There are 134 members of the labor force.
There are 278 males and 236 females in the barangay based on the Rapid Community Based Monitoring System (RCBMS) Survey of 2014. The age – group population structure (Figure 1)  shows that the barangay has a dominant young population consisting of age groups 1 to 19 years old. The broad – based pyramid resulted from a high fertility and mortality in the past.
Health and Nutrition

            The result of the survey in Cagtalaba showed that there are 11 malnourished children in the Barangay which is lower in proportion compared to the benchmark. This is because of the intensive monitoring and campaign in terms of proper nutrition. There were no cases of child deaths below 5 and women who died due to pregnancy-related causes in the past twelve months. This can be attributed from the regular programs conducted by the Municipal Health Office such as regular check-up and immunization of pregnant women and monitoring of the health condition of children.


In Cagbolo, there were only two (2) households identified as living in makeshift houses. There are 25 households identified as informal settlers as shown in the figure below. Based on validation result, the informal settlers are situated in government lands.

Peace and Order

Based on the result of the survey, there are no victims of crime recorded in the barangay. According to the Punong Barangay, this must be the result of the intensive surveillance of Barangay Tanods and Kagawad.

Water and Sanitation

The water need of the locality is sourced from Municipal Waterworks System which serves the majority of the households in the barangay wherein 90% is accessing a Level II potable water supply. There are 25 households in the barangay without access to sanitary toilet facility which constitutes 23% of the total household.


In the barangay, all of the children aged 6-12 are attending elementary and 6 children not attending high school with a total of 6 children age 6-16 years old not attending school. As a result of discussion during validation, financial difficulty is one of the reasons for not attending school.

Source: Socio-Economic Profile and Barangay Development Plan of Brgy. Cagtalaba