In 1912 Family Habla donated a parcel of land with an area of 10,000 square meters to be used as barangay site. There were only ten (10) families residing in the place, all came from Casiguran, Sorsogon. According to some old folks, when the Japanese came in the place, they threw a bomb to Malasimbo Island to serve as an opening going to barangay Cagtalaba. During that time Atanacio Haquihaca was the Teniente del Barrio. In 1975, Isias Hombre became the Teniente del Barrio and Alfredo Hael was the Segundo Teniente. At that time, said officials did not receive any compensation or honorarium.

In 1977, Querico Olimpo was the Teniente del Barrio and after a while, Teniente del Barrio was changed into Barangay Captain. It was during his administration where Cagtalaba Elementary School was built and constructed with only two rooms and two assigned teachers. In 1984, Celestino Labudlay was elected Barangay Captain and during his time, the water tank of the barangay was constructed. The population of the barangay increased. Beltran Hael followed Labudlay as Barangay Captain and later succeeded by Idelberto Rosas.

In 1991, Jose Esperida Sr.  was elected as Barangay Captain. During his term, the Barangay Officials received honorarium as their monthly compensation since the government are giving IRA to the barangays. Many projects were constructed including access to electricity provided by Sorsogon Electric Cooperative II (SORECO II).

At present, the barangay is still headed by Punong Barangay Jose E. Esperida Sr. together with his colleagues in the Barangay Local Government Unit. The Day Care Center, Health Center and other projects are being maintained to provide for the needs of the people in the community.


Punong Barangay: HAQUIHACA, Mark Huela
SB Member: BOY, Rico Albarado
  HABAL, Charlie Hagosojos
  HADAP, Imelda Enraca
  DIESTA, Jesus Camposano
  BUBAN, Rodrigo Maglaque
  DIESTA, Andronico Camposano
  ENRACA, Mariben Balderama
Brgy. Secretary: DELA CRUZ, Cecilia B.
Brgy. Treasurer: MORALES, Salvacion D.
SK Chairman: DELA CRUZ, Edcel B.