Parola: Century Lighthouse. A 29-ft white cylindrical iron tower built on 1903-1904 situated on the rocky headland that forms the southern point in the western end of the Bagatao Island.

Bucal-Bucalan Spring Resort is located along the Provincial Road at Barangay Aguada Sur. It has natural springs, beside a reservoir that collects the spring water at its source. It has two large pools which are sometimes used for training of swimmers.

Parola is a Filipino term for lighthouse. Locals call this paradise “Parola Beach” because of a lighthouse on top of it. This beautiful shore is one of the reasons why Bagatao Island is so extraordinary and very interesting for the travelers and visitors.

Malijao springs is located at Barangay Bacalon, just off the Magallanes-Juban road and 3 kilometers away from the centro-poblacion. It is a natural spring, where visitors and locals enjoy the cold spring water, especially during scorching summer days.

Gibalon Shrine as well as its vicinity is a historic location with religious significance and was widely believed as the site of the first Christian Mass held in the Island of Luzon in 1569 by Augustinian Priest Pray Alonzo Jiminez.

According to the research works of Regerio H. Escobal, “the village of Calaguimi in Bagatao was converted into and founded as a new town (“pueblo”) by the Franciscan missionaries, which began until 1584.

For the Catholic devotees, there is the Sta. Lourdes Grotto located in Sitio Sta. Lourdes, Behia in Bagatao Island. Where you can get the hang of trekking the over-a-hundred steps of its stairs towards a clear birds eye view of the entire Poblacion area of Magallanes and the Tip of the Mayon Volcano of Albay and the Sorsogon Bay area.

The mythical Tinacos Island just in front of the Magallanes pier, an island that inspired many a myth among the young and old. Without fresh water source, it remains uninhabited up to this day. However, this could be great place of one roaring adventure for the thrill and adventure seeker-types.

An absolutely hidden paradise tucked in the bosom of Brgy. Siuton, a place called Sagpan. Take some time and immerse yourself in nature.

Bacalon Forever Springs in Bacalon, Magallanes, Sorsogon