ServicesOfficePerson/s to approachService Time DurationFee
1. Assistance to Individual in Crisis Situation (AICS) MSWDO/ Mayor Ms. Rose Sharon A. Jazmin Mrs. Ruby Balonzo 5 minutes None
2. Case Study MSWDOMrs.Necie B. Mercadero Ms. Rose Sharon A. Jazmin 1 dayNone
3. Issuance of Birth, Death and Marriage CertificateMCRMr. Joel M. Carrascal Mr. Mark Anthony G. Hilotin Mr. Arnel C. Malle30 minutesBirth: P 100.00 Death: P 100.00 Marriage: P 100.00
4. Correction of entry/ies in Civil Registry DocumentMCRMr. Joel M. Carrascal Mr. Mark Anthony G. Hilotin Mr. Arnel C. Malle3 monthsClerical Error: P 1,500.00 Change of First Name: P 4,000.00
5. Issuance of Community Tax CertificateMTOMr. Ariel Canales Mr. Bernardo B. Buising1 minuteProfessionals: according to income Unemployed: P 20.00
6. Payment of Taxes, Certification Fees and Rentals MTOMr. Ariel Canales Mr. Bernardo B. Buising30 minutesDepending upon the computed tax, fees or rental
7. Business and Licenses Assessment & PaymentMTOMr. Ariel Canales Mrs. Rosario H. Carrascal30 MinutesDepending upon the Assessment
8. Tricycle or tri-mobile franchiseSB / MTOMrs. Marites Aparilla Mr. Ariel Canales1 to 2 daysP 490.00
9. Issuance of Business Permit and walk-in vendorsMayorMs. Francisca B. Pareja5 minutes (with complete requirements)None
10. Issuance of Mayor’s ClearanceMayorMs. Francisca B. Pareja5 minutesStudents: P 25.00 Business: P 30.00
11. Payment of Water BillAdministrator: Waterworks SectionMrs. Jeannie B. Laura5 minutes
12. Issuance of Building PermitMunicipal EngineerMr. Romarico J. Deona5 MinutesPer assessment
13. Issuance of Program of WorkMunicipal EngineerMr. Romarico J. Deona10 minutesNone
14. Animal Treatment / VaccinationMunicipal AgriculturistMr. Merwin B. Grutas10 minutesNone
15. Provision of technical Assistance on: a). Crop ProductiondoMr. Merwin B. Grutas Ms. Nikka Angelu H. Torres30 minutesNone
b). Farm Inputs assistancedoMr. Merwin B. Grutas Ms. Nikka Angelu H. Torres Mr. Rafael M. Burton1 HourNone
c). Training and extension servicesdoMr. Rafael M. Burton1 DayNone
d). Fish and aqua products.doMrs. Imelda J. Doctor Mr. Rafael M. Burton30 MinutesNone
16. Distribution of SeedsMunicipal Agriculturist Mr. Merwin B. Grutas Ms. Nikka Angelu H. Torres Mr. Rafael M. Burton5 minutesNone
17. OPD ConsultationMHODr. Maria Norma G. Labalan Dr. Jordan Badangayon 15 MinutesP 5.00
18. Dental ServicesdoDr. Eden A. Carrascal15 minutesVoluntary
19. Urinalysis / FecalysisdoMr. Arden M. Vergara 10 minutesP 35.00 each
20. Issuance of Health and Sanitary PermitdoDr. Maria Norma G. Labalan Mr. Teoducio M. Ete, Jr.5 MinutesP 120.00
21. ImmunizationdoAll Midwives10 minutesNone
22. Issuance of Permit to cut treesMENRO DesignateMr. Robert Hodrial5 MinutesP 55.00
23. Issuance of Appointments and Certificates to Barangay OfficialsMunicipal Administrator: Community AffairsMr. Ruben L. Conda1 hour (complete attachments and basis)none
24. Issuance of Certified copy of; a). ARP /Tax DeclarationMunicipal AssessorMrs. Irene O. Orteza5 minutesP 70.00
b). Tax MapdoMr. Amaro B. Hicom15 MinutesP 70.00
c). Real Property Status/TemporarydoAll personnel5 minutesP 70.00
d). Previous/present assessment recordsdoMs. Irene O. Orteza Mr. Amaro Hicom10 minutesP 70.00
e). Real Property ValuationMunicipal AssessorMs. Irene O. Orteza Mr. Amaro B. Hicom5 minutesP 70.00
f). No property / no improvementdoMr. Amaro B. Hicom Mrs. Irene O. Orteza10 minutesP 70.00
g). Other Assessment RecordsMunicipal AssessorMrs. Irene O. Orteza5 minutesP 70.00
25. Issuance of Certification on Real Property HoldingsdoMs. Irene O. Orteza 5 minutesP 70.00