The history of the place started when the area was still a sitio of Barangay Hubo in year 1911, where the only source of living of the people is coconut and rice farming.

In 1926, the people in the sitio lived abundantly because they harvested three times more than the usual from the previous farming season. As a result of these, their small bodega is not enough to store all the sacks of rice, so the people decided to put up a warehouse. Until one night, when the owners visited the warehouse they found three (3) thieves who are trying to steal the sacks of rice. The three men were caught and arrested by the people. As part of the penalty imposed to them their hair was cut off that made them bald or “kinarisan” or “kinalbo”. They then presented themselves to the people of the community saying that they will not do it again.

As the years go by, every time that there are new faces who visited the place they would always say that the place is where the three men were “kinarisan an payo” because they’ve tried to steal the sacks of rice in one of the warehouse in the community.

On why this place was later called “Incarizan” is a story worth sharing. Because of the three men who were “kinarisan” this place was later on named “Incarizan” from the word “Kinarisan”. In year 1930, the people in the sitio decided to have a leader that will manage the community and Blas Drice became the first Teniente del Barrio. Through his leadership efforts the once sitio of Hubo became a barangay. And with the fervent help and support of the people they name the place “Incarizan” and it was up to this day.


Punong Barangay: MOLLENO, Joel Jr. Drice
SB Member: DELA PEÑa, Ronnie Jr. Huela
  FAJARDO, Arnel Borral
  DEL ROSARIO, Gigi Delos Reyes
  PLACER, Ronald Garcia
  SIANDO, Marlyn Magdaraog
  DEUDA, Maribeth Merciales
  RUDA, Estelito Jr, Durana
Brgy. Secretary: LLORCA, Nancy B.
Brgy. Treasurer: FAJARDO, Cristina B.
SK Chairman: BUBAN, Mariane