Secret paradise, flourishing beauty, diverse culture, cradle of Christianity in Luzon and deep devotion to the Christian faith. Wow Magallanes, our very pride!

Photo credit: Mr. Ralph Burton Nacman

Being the very place where the first mass in Luzon was celebrated, Magallanes is indeed a town rich in culture and Christian devotion. Even the Spaniards were mesmerized by the beauty of this town despite it being a small settlement then. While we are renowned as the location of the shipyard where mighty galleons were built in the place specially known as “Royal Astillero de Bagatao”,

Magallanes started as an ancient village called “Iguey” and later on was called “Parina”, which means a hardwood tree that is used to be abundant in the area. After “Parina”, it became a pueblo and thus named “Magallanes” in honor of Ferdinand Magellan, its alleged “discoverer”, in the year 1859.

we are also recognized for the beautiful sceneries developed not only for eco-tourism purposes but for socio-cultural preservation as well. Some of these are the  amazing freshwater of Bucal-bucalan Spring Resort and Malijao Spring, breathtaking Parola Beach Resort, the amazing Seven Falls and ever-standing lone sentinel of the sea, the Luz Isla de Bagatao, one of the Spanish Lighthouses built in 1857 that is still standing at present and overlooks the navigation waters of Ticao and Burias Pass.

Magallanes is also an agricultural land-rich town: rice, coconut, vegetables, root crops, fruits and many other bounties are abundant in our land. Moreover, fresh crabs, different varieties of fishes, lobsters and seashells are the staple in our tables. Visitors envy us of these diverse gifts of soil and water which are always offered openhandedly when they come to our town for a holiday.

But above all these treasures are the people bequeathed by their ancestors with rich culture and tradition and characterized as the gem among the gems. Magallenos are resilient in whatever storms that come their way; a proud true-blooded Uragon! Truly, Magallanes is a small town with great people, the people living in are doing big not only in the local setting but most importantly they are contributing change in the global scene.

Magalleones Festival last year was indeed a success. Now on its second year, the people’s talent, artistry and ingenuity via performances and exhibits will be featured once again. If it will be linked to a loft ladder, we are now on the second step higher in showcasing the richness, ethnicity and deep Christian devotion that this town and its people dearly possess.

As we are heading forward to eminence and development, let us not forget what’s within us – the God-given talents, the rich culture and tradition, the treasures beneath our soils and trinkets underneath our seas.

It is, therefore, necessary to extend our gratitude to heaven and share sincere commitment to support one another to help realize the town’s true aspirations for a better and brighter future. Let us all be proud to be a Magalleno. Let us all be proud of Magayagayang Magallanes – the cradle that nurtured us, the bossom that fostered us into human beings that we are now.

In celebrating one century, five decades and a year of deep faith and devotion to our Lady of Mt. Carmel, we leap forward to prominence and progress with the constant intercession of our beloved Patroness, and today we all together shout “Viva Magallanes! Viva Our Lady of Mt. Carmel!”


(This essay was written by Ms. Lalaine B. Cuenca, a Grade 7 Student of Magallanes National High School, edited by Ms. Cyril H. Bejison for the publication in the 2015 Souvenir Program. It won the first place during the Academic Contest sponsored by the LGU during the 2nd Magalleones Festival.)