A town steeped in history, known for its religious significance, and a great tourist place. There’s something for everyone in this town. Magayagayang Magallanes! #MagayagayangMagallanes #BeautifulSorsogon

Time to Visit

Choose Magallanes! Feel the warmth and hospitality of Magallenos.

Time to Experience

Savor the pleasures of our mouth-watering sea foods cooked into delightful cuisines. Get the hang of trekking the over-a-hundred steps of Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto where one could get a clear birds eye view of the entire Poblacion area.

Time to Explore

Make the most of your travel, extend more fun hours and energy to discover what truly this historic town of Magallanes has to capture the moment of unhurried life of freedom and simplicity of a hometown.

Time for a getaway experience

What are you waiting for? Grab a rucksack, stuff your things and bring your family for a holiday getaway of fun and adventures.


Magalleones Festival: The Official Festival of the Municipality of Magallanes

MAGALLEONES FESTIVAL is a festival celebrating Magallanes as a beautiful, peaceful and charming place which is rich in cultural and historical heritage.  It seeks to revisit the past, the history, the struggles and the role of its people in the galleon making times of...