Magallanes is considered as one of the major players in sardines-fishing in the whole region and its hardworking fishermen garnered a good and consistent citation as one of the top producers/suppliers of sardines in the province. These boost the interest of one of the established canned-sardines manufacturers in the country to enter the municipality. Mega Global locally known as the Mega Sardines expressed its intent to buy the fish of our locals and provide a long-lasting market for our local fishermen.

Mega Global is one of the 11 sardine canning factories based in Zamboanga City, the sardine capital of the Philippines. About one million metric-tons of fish are being caught in the Sulu Celebes Sea, which surrounds the peninsula. The company prides itself to provide local employment, as Mega Global employs 2,000 Zamboangeños in its main plants. It exports to different countries all over the world.

Mega Global made a promise to act in lined with the LGU’s objectives in agri-fishery leading towards provisions of jobs and opportunities to our town people. They also eyed to mend the challenges that our local sardines-fishermen face through years. And one them is the quick and series of fluctuates of the price especially during peak season in tap of sadden stop-buying due to large number of fish supply. This causes an immediate stop of fishing operations despite the big chance of our local fishermen to catch even more and earn more enough to defray their basic needs while fish catch is on its peak. They also scheduled to extend the outreach programs of their foundations to our fellow magallenos especially our women and our children.