Parola Beach and Lighthouse Station
Bagatao Island, Magallanes, Sorsogon
Parola: Century Lighthouse. A 29-ft white cylindrical iron tower built on 1903-1904 situated on the rocky headland that forms the southern point in the western end of the Bagatao Island. Its light marks the entrance to the bay and assists ships in navigating the bend around Ticao Island of Masbate province as they head to San Bernardino Strait and exit to the Pacific Ocean.

Parola is a Filipino term for lighthouse. Locals call this paradise “Parola Beach” because of a lighthouse on top of it. This beautiful shore is one of the reasons why Bagatao Island is so extraordinary and very interesting for the travelers and visitors.

Bagatao Island Lighthouse

In the 19th century towards the end of the Spanish colonization, the Spanish Government undertook a massive project of constructing lighthouses to light the seas, to protect the increasing maritime trade in the Philippines during that time, where the country was...