One of the largest galleons ever built in the Philippines was the Nuestra Senora de la Santissima Trinidad. The ship was constructed at the Bagatao Island shipyard (Real Astillero), in the province of Sorsogon, Philippines in 1751.


Santisima Trinidad y Nuestra del Buen Fin, 1751

She had a carrying capacity of 2000 tons and was armed with 6 cannons. She was able to carry as many as 5,608 crates of cargo on a voyage to Acapulco. When she was constructed, the cost of building the vessel amounted to 229,852 pesos. She measured 167 feet in length and was 50 feet in the beam.

During her last days of sailing, while being attacked by British frigates, she displayed the durability of the galleons produced by the Philippines. After two enemy frigates had fired more than 1,000 cannon balls at the galleon, they were unable to penetrate the galleon’s sides and only caused minimal damage. The galleon’s strongly built hull was a testament to the ability of the shipwrights in the archipelago, who were able to design vessels and use the impenetrable Philippine tropical hardwoods.