Undiscovered Paradise | Sitio Sagpan Brgy. Siuton, Magallanes, Sorsogon
“Sagpan is one beautiful place for picnics, scouting, camping or simply enjoying a unique natural environment. It has a fair chance at Eco/Agri-Tourism like Sumlang Lake and/or Balay sa Uma. People in general will not regret going to Sagpan if indeed this place will be developed as such. Especially if some Government Agency will be kind enough to these hopeful stakeholders and build even a simple bike road going there.

The development of Sagpan as hoped for by the people of Siuton I think will depend largely on their Socio-Economic maturity and a great deal of stubborn determination to pursue this goal.”

Mr. Enrique B. Gonzales

An absolutely hidden paradise tucked in the bosom of Brgy. Siuton, a place called Sagpan. Take some time and immerse yourself in nature.

Magayagayang Magallanes