The first municipal building was made of wooden materials with a typical Spanish design. Shown in this photo were the Municipal Officials, men of the Municipal Police Station and some employees under the leadership of former Municipal Mayor Felino G. Lee. A shot was taken during the celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the Philippine Independence on June 12, 1963.

A new face of the Municipal Building. From the old house wood the edifice transformed into a more dignified look with concrete materials partially combined with still useful wooden parts giving it a more solid foundation. The front middle features were constructed during the term of former Municipal Mayor Maxima Lee. With the assumption of former Mayor Carmen L. Carranza as the town’s head the left and right wings were added and the main building as well as the ABC Building were further repaired. The main municipal building remained until the year 1997.

In the year 1998 upon the assumption of Mayor Roque L. Carranza into the office, he gave priority to the total renovation of the of the municipal building because of the impending threats of termites that have destroyed much of the foundation of the building. With little resources at hand, the municipal government has able to institute a total make over. It was also during this time that the Municipal Trial Court which once housed in the main municipal building was transferred under the roof of the ABC Building.